Re: NOAA Knew NYC Was Not Getting a Blizzard by Noon on Monday! Fake News?

Posted by bodhipooh on 2017/3/15 13:10:47

CatDog wrote:
That's not what "fake news" means Jesus Christ. The term "fake news" has been so thorough abused it's amazing. The explanation for not updating is in the very same article you're posting, why would you even accuse this of being fake news? There was a snowstorm yesterday, wasn't there? Or are you telling me the snow I shoveled was fake?

Agreed. And, while the forecast was off in terms of total accumulated snow, it was still accurate for actual precipitation.

From the article:
"The right amount of precipitation fell, but it came down as rain and sleet because the rain-snow line moved inland, according to Carbin and private forecasters."

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