Re: Jersey City taps Downtown woman to be city planner

Posted by Hamparkvet on 2017/8/8 10:45:01

JCGuys wrote:

DanL wrote:
yes, outstanding choice. she is a brilliant planner and has been engaged with the community for a long time. really good news. she need to have a thick skin and be able to push back with politicians and developers.

Or push back against unelected NAs and opportunistic pols. Development should be welcomed in this city, especially in Journal Square.

Viewing this as a past longtime Jersey City resident it is great news. The fact that someone with talent is being put into an important position is refreshing. So much cronyism over the years gave J.C. unqualified officials who were overwhelmed and only interested in the perks and the generous pensions of course. No more "my cousin Sean hooked me up" or "Uncle Mike got me the city wide contract." Progress doesn't mean growth, it means smart growth.

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