Re: Jersey City taps Downtown woman to be city planner

Posted by nafco on 2017/8/3 12:35:00
Its a good time for a change. I hope she addresses some of the concerns that have been emerging as the city seems to be growing faster than the existing planners have seemed to keep up with. There are things that can help the city grow, but also seem more cohesive and aesthetically pleasing to people on the streets.

1. More of an effort to eliminate the Bayonne Boxes which have been an eyesore on so many outskirt neighborhoods of transit hubs over the years.

2. Smarter transitioning of neighborhoods to reduce the likelihood of a 50 story building to stand next to a 2 story house. Im all for development, but there should be more of an easing in to a high rise section of town from a low-rise house section as well.

3. Wider streets that provide parking and bike lanes on both sides in completely new sections of the city. It boggles my mind why developers are making super narrow streets and sidewalks when they have a blank slate to work with. there is plenty of room to still build tall buildings but allowing more space to move for cars and people will reduce traffic and look more pleasing than tight narrow streets.

Theres a ton of other things, but either way, I wish her the best for the future of the city.

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