Re: Jersey City 2017 Mayor’s Race

Posted by light12v on 2017/8/14 11:37:18

iGreg wrote:
Yun foots the bill to keep his office open and readily accessible to his constituents - he gets props for that.

Don't think Kinberg is gonna fare so well in this election, perhaps she can move back to Ohio.

Kinberg, 37, called Yun a hypocrite, noting that the councilman provides constituent services out of a Central Avenue office that doubles as his campaign headquarters.

"That's very questionable," she said.


Stringer wrote:

Jersey City pulls political promotion of Fulop ally off city website

Jersey City pulled an item off the city website yesterday that promoted a political meet-and-greet intended to boost the chances of one of Mayor Steve Fulop's council candidates.

The event was listed on the taxpayer-funded cultural affairs calendar as a community barbecue hosted from noon to six today by Mo Kinberg (the calendar entry spelled her name "Kingsberg").

On her Facebook page, Kinberg, who with Fulop's support is seeking to unseat Ward D Councilman Michael Yun in November, promoted the event as a meet-and-greet alongside ads for her candidacy and Fulop's. ... omotion_of_fulop_all.html

Mo's *Hypocracy* statement about Yun is Soo Stupid & Lame that it makes me glad to live elsewhere, where I don't have to suffer this foolishness in a community activist or Ward candidate !!!

The Ultimate Idiocy however is Jennifer Morrill's, as she is Jersey City's WebMaster, therefore blaming herself.

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