Posted by iGreg on 2016/8/3 20:47:49

psyop wrote:

iGreg wrote:
Nice way for Jersey City to automate any city issues called in to a bullshit website that seems to do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING but have a BOT make a reply to your concerns.

Awww Yessss Nice One, Nice 1

I have used this a couple of times and it worked just fine.
Have you even tried to use this or are you just trying to troll or insult people like 95% of your posts?

Another member's comment, I'm not the only one dealing with the stupidity of the system.

It only works in terms of collecting complaints. But the RRC still does little to nothing to see that those complaints are resolved all the way through. You still have to chase them to make sure your complaints are investigated and resolved. Its maddening .I've had a broken sidewalk reports outstanding for TWO YEARS. RRC doesn't keep track if anything has been done or not. Totally useless to collect this stuff if there's no follow through to completion.

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