Re: Jersey City aims to increase diversity of city contractors

Posted by TheBigGuy on 2017/2/2 12:25:42

richieveal wrote:
I work in the construction management side, minority owners are almost always the husband wife team which has the wife at 51% ownership. The second and far fewer to choose from is a true minority but they know that they can charge almost anything they want because of the minority requirement.
The hard fact is that there are very few true minority owned businesses out there.

Hopefully it is not gouging, as much a higher cost of doing business for small businesses. The ownership thing is quite common, especially with the GSA.

If the contractor is delivering, I do not have a real problem with who is the owner. The whole process is ripe for abuse and needs to be monitored, but it can also mean a step up for legitimate businesses. Seems to me if your business is a good performer, larger companies will seek you out as partners.

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