Re: Jersey City aims to increase diversity of city contractors

Posted by Pebble on 2015/10/23 16:20:37

MDM wrote:

The bid system has been used state wide for decades. I know.. one of my grunt jobs in my youth was to deliver the bids and sit while they were opened publicly (I had to take notes as to who had better bids for future reference of the boss.

The DCA publishes a handbook on the whole process: ... 0Reference%20Handbook.pdf

The threshold is pretty low to allow a purchasing agent to award a job without going to bid. So pretty much any major job is open to public bid. Hard to be "racist" in the awarding for contracts under such a system:

When the cost or price of any contract awarded by
the contracting agent in the aggregate does
not exceed in a contract year the total sum of $17,500, the contract may be awarded by a
purchasing agent or other employee so designated by the governing body when so authorized by
ordinance or resolution, as appropriate to the contracting unit, without public advertising for bids,
except that the governing body of any contracting unit may adopt an ordinance or resolution to set
a lower threshold for the receipt of public bids or the solicitation of competitive quotations. If a
purchasing agent has been appointed, the governing body of the contracting unit may establish that
the bid threshold may be up to $25,000 or the threshold amount adjusted by the Governor pursuant
to subsection c. of this section.

Absolutely. It's been around for quite some time. Are you denying that there are no-bid contracts as well...?

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