Re: Jersey City aims to increase diversity of city contractors

Posted by caj11 on 2015/10/23 16:07:58
What happens if a contractor is partnership where one partner is white and the other partner is a minority? Is it a "minority-owned" contractor then? How about three partners, with 2 of them white and 1 of them a minority? How is it classified then?

Sorry, I just hate this concept. If the contractor's work is good, they get paid and hired for other city contracts. Their ethnicity should be irrelevant. Only their work quality and what they charge should matter. This policy was a total disaster in Washington, DC some years ago when then-mayor Sharon Pratt Kelly required that 50% of all city contract funds go to minority-owned contractors, and she even said that enriching the minorities was a higher priority than the quality of work done for the city.

If your work is good, then no special preferences should be necessary.

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