Re: Will Jersey City and Hoboken ever lose Abbott District Status?

Posted by bodhipooh on 2018/6/6 13:29:00
Trusting the BOE, or anyone in bed or business with them, is the very personification of trusting the fox to guard the henhouse.

Very simply, we need more visibility into their dealings, improved accountability, and quite likely, much more control over their operations. The current state of affairs is simply untenable for much longer. People are only now starting to wake up to the issues because of the reval, and things will get that much more interesting in a year or two, as the school funding topic gets increased attention and changes from Trenton. While a 2% property tax rate would be considered low by comparison to the state average, it will definitely get a ton of attention from local residents, particularly those in DTJC, as it would represent a 25% hike, on top of the reval adjusted levies.

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