Re: Will Jersey City and Hoboken ever lose Abbott District Status?

Posted by brewster on 2018/6/6 12:17:27

Ralph_Abutts wrote:

brewster wrote:
Bullshit. That's not what the link nor the cut and paste I posted from the state site says. Call the the state document wrong if you like, but don't say I'm misleading anyone or failing to understand.

I worked with the State Board of Education and the Jersey City Public School district and specifically on this matter.

You can go to the source, the NJ School Report Card Database and look up _the source_ of this information, as in the link you provided, for starters - but you are just too lazy or full of yourself to do so - much like your unwillingness to comprehend the information provided. Likewise, you can do the same - look at the school (capital) budget as I indicated earlier.

You again say the perfectly clear numbers I linked are wrong, don't provide a link to your data, and call ME lazy and full of myself????? BTW, I did try to find it on the awful JCBOE website you said it was on, now you're saying it's somewhere else.

Make up your mind or, God forbid, actually link the data rather than pontificate, so everyone can know. SO much of this game is obfuscation, even the format of the "user friendly" budget is deliberately misleading and confusing.

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