Re: Will Jersey City and Hoboken ever lose Abbott District Status?

Posted by Ralph_Abutts on 2018/6/6 10:41:25

brewster wrote:
Bullshit. That's not what the link nor the cut and paste I posted from the state site says. Call the the state document wrong if you like, but don't say I'm misleading anyone or failing to understand.

I worked with the State Board of Education and the Jersey City Public School district and specifically on this matter.

You can go to the source, the NJ School Report Card Database and look up _the source_ of this information, as in the link you provided, for starters - but you are just too lazy or full of yourself to do so - much like your unwillingness to comprehend the information provided. Likewise, you can do the same - look at the school (capital) budget as I indicated earlier.

Or better yet, bring it to the board of education's attention at the next monthly board meeting. I will guarantee you that someone from the board, whether it be a board member, the school BA, the facilities director (O'Reilly) will address what you incorrectly pontificate.

One can lead a horse to water, but cannot force them to drink. If you care to ignore the facts, so be it. But when you spread misinformation - and someone knowledgeable enough on the subject matter calls you out on it - own up to it.

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