Re: MLK City Hall Annex unfinished but taxpayers paying $80,250/month rent

Posted by mia on 2017/11/1 21:49:56

neverleft wrote:

mia wrote:
No, the initial date was February 2017, never 2018. Why would we be paying rent if the date was not until 2018? Really... You are confused... A second ordinance was passed about 7 months later, which I cited in the show, to postpone the date to Septemeber 30, 2017.

Let me get this straight the ground breaking for the project was in July 2016 and you are saying it was to be ready in February 2017? Wow they must have planned to have Superman build it like when he put together his Fortress of Solitude in the Arctic Ice.

7/19/2016 JJ : “a City Hall annex that will house about 300 workers when it opens in February 2018.”

“…. will build the 45,000-square-foot annex and lease it to the city for 20 years at a cost of $36 million. After the lease expires, the city will own the building. The city has said if it built the annex on its own, the cost would be $43 million.”

When you interviewed The Healy Clone what did you mean by “he’s going to be telling a little bit about us”? Oh yeah and nice dig on how crowded the ballot is going to be because of “Mayor Fulop’s misinformation about the election move”. We are not dumb we can all read/study the ballots when they are mailed to our homes and on election day push the buttons. I am pushing all of mine for Mayor Fulop and his Team, we cannot go backwards to the Healy/ Matsikoudis days of NOTHINGNESS. I guess you and the other Clonettes can.


Rolando Lavarro for At-Large Council – 1B TEAM FULOP
Joyce Waterman for At-Large Council – 2B TEAM FULOP
Daniel Rivera for At-Large Council – 3B TEAM FULOP

Denise Ridley FORWARD A Council – 7C TEAM FULOP
Mira Prinz-Arey FORWARD B Council – 3C TEAM FULOP
John Hanussak FORWARD C Council – 3C TEAM FULOP
Moriah "Mo" Kinberg FORWARD D Council – 5C TEAM FULOP
Jermaine Robinson FORWARD F Council – 5C TEAM FULOP

PS - I figured out what the name of your show is from it's initials "TP" because that is all it is good for when you have guesses like The Healy Clone on.


You're entitled to your opinion but don't misrepresent the facts. Read the ordinances, which are online. Even when they passed the 2nd ordinance to extend the date to September 30, 2017, it was still less than the minimum 18 months that the Asst Bus Administrator Corrado kept quoting.

Terrence tells me they're having a ribbon cutting tomorrow and the building isn't close to being done.... I think Steve is getting delusional....

As for all the name calling, doesn't add to your credibility.

TP is just short for Talking Politics, the Comcast TV show, which is in my signature....

As for moving the Mayor/ Council race from May to November and the resulting ballot, yes Mayor Fulop kept emailing everyone the City would save $400,000 / year! The Mayor & Council elections are every FOUR years and DO NOT COST $1.6 million but more like $500,000. He also admitted he wanted to do away with the run-off elections. So now we have a run-off in December and not June, when people would be more engaged. Yes, the ballot is huge & confusing....

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