Re: MLK City Hall Annex unfinished but taxpayers paying $80,250/month rent

Posted by mia on 2017/11/1 5:40:05

neverleft wrote:
mia wrote
Rent began September 30th. See the video of the March 2015 Council meeting where we opposed the project as there was no due diligence done by the City. We knew it wouldn't get done on time and it wasn't. There was no penalty for the developer, Brandywine, to complete the building on time. Taxpayers pay no matter what... Another gift from the taxpayers.

Wait I am confused wasn’t the opening planned for February 2018 but that date was pushed up to late October early November 2017 because construction was moving at a fast pace?

Isn’t it a lease to own deal and after the 20 year lease is up the city will own the building?

Are you the woman who I see night after night on Local Cable Access “interviewing” The Healy Clone making up all sorts of BS about Mayor Fulop? What’s up with the Clones hands?


No, the initial date was February 2017, never 2018. Why would we be paying rent if the date was not until 2018? Really... You are confused... A second ordinance was passed about 7 months later, which I cited in the show, to postpone the date to Septemeber 30, 2017. As the City had done NO due diligence, didn't know they had to transfer some of the HUD Section 108 loan, which took months to do so further backlogged the project. They didn't subdivide the parking lot until June 2015. It's a $36+ Million building with a 25-year lease. The City has already spent almost $4 million in interior work so looks like the $50/sq foot has also proven to be very inadequate. They're about 70% over budget and the building isn't done.

You should watch the show again....

As for that woman, I don't know what you're talking about but I don't think you do either.... I hope you're not planting all this nonsense while you're supposed to be working. I've heard complaints from City workers about all the campaigning that's expected of them...

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