Re: Jersey City mayor-elect orders end to citywide reval

Posted by bodhipooh on 2017/3/5 8:58:33

hudson57 wrote:
Received pamphlets from city hall in yesterday's mail (see links below). Looks like another amateur hour to me.

After almost 4 years of delays and delaying, they stuff an envelope. 3 different papers and paper stock. tri-fold and letter size. (and politically correct a Spanish language cover letter!) and still don't answer questions:

* on what date will the inspectors start their physical inspections?
* on what date are the physical inspections scheduled to be completed?
* wasn't it possible to include a mock-up ID card? Folks are terrified to open doors to strangers (see PSE&G scams).... how difficult can it be to show a sample?

It it very realistic to assume that this process will drag on for a long, long time (obviously past the municipal elections in Nov.);

Two take aways from those copies you uploaded (thank you for the effort!):
- the city is trying to play the victim card by blaming the reval on Governor Christie, without any mention of the legal statues that require the city to complete this process every 10 years, or that the city last carried out a reval almost 30 years ago.

- A lot of people assumed the property inspections would help ferret out illegal apartments or help uncover remodel work for which proper permits were not secured, but the inspection process has a major loophole that could be exploited to hide those situations. An owner who has made substantial renovation work but didn't get proper permits (and, therefore, said work is not reflected in the information about the property) can simply refuse or avoid the physical inspections twice and wait to see what is the presumed value assigned by the inspectors. If the estimate is low enough, don't say anything. But, if the inspector assumes a value higher than the work you had done, well... call up the number they left and have them complete the visual inspection.

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