Re: Jersey City mayor-elect orders end to citywide reval

Posted by hudson57 on 2017/3/5 8:06:11
Received pamphlets from city hall in yesterday's mail (see links below). Looks like another amateur hour to me.

After almost 4 years of delays and delaying, they stuff an envelope. 3 different papers and paper stock. tri-fold and letter size. (and politically correct a Spanish language cover letter!) and still don't answer questions:

* on what date will the inspectors start their physical inspections?
* on what date are the physical inspections scheduled to be completed?
* wasn't it possible to include a mock-up ID card? Folks are terrified to open doors to strangers (see PSE&G scams).... how difficult can it be to show a sample?

It it very realistic to assume that this process will drag on for a long, long time (obviously past the municipal elections in Nov.);

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