Re: Jersey City mayor-elect orders end to citywide reval

Posted by bodhipooh on 2017/3/2 12:45:43

brewster wrote:

bodhipooh wrote:
I believe the proper assessment for this is "more money than brains"... That house has 80s bad decor written all over it: wallpaper, the kitchen cabinets, the bathroom and the carpeted stairs. It will take a good amount of money to upgrade all of those things.

What makes you think they won't tear it down and put up 2 Bayonne Boxes? That's where the money is apparently. They recently did this to a similar property 415-17 Ogden, that sold, according to the tax card, for $975k.

Of course, you are right. But, what a SHAME. The house shell looks nice and the features of double parking and backyard are definite pluses. Seeing that house torn down to become two Bayonne Boxes would be sad. As you often deplore, the zoning should be changed to make it harder to kill the neighborhood look and style by building those monstrosities.

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