Re: Jersey City mayor-elect orders end to citywide reval

Posted by MDM on 2017/3/2 10:57:18

hero69 wrote:
did someone say those "overpriced" homes were just sitting in the heights and other parts of jersey city outside of dt. this 1 family sold for $825,000 in the heights in 18 days. ... ily-sales-in-the-heights/

That is just an insane amount of money for that house. I am actually thinking of just selling my investment properties off this year. I was originally planning on holding on to them for another 15+ years.. but hell, maybe I should sell since the bubble is back (sale prices greatly exceeding rent equivalent value)?

I stopped buying properties in 2003. Right now I can't fully renovate, rent, and have a positive cash flow income. Well.. maybe I can make money if I buy it with an FHA loan (pretend to live in it) with a sub 4% interest rate.. assuming prices keep going up so I can flip it.

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