Re: Jersey City mayor-elect orders end to citywide reval

Posted by brewster on 2017/2/22 11:59:08

Monroe wrote:
There's no moral, legal, or ethical right to have your real estate taxes attached to your ability to pay from current income. If you've enjoyed a gigantic rise in property value, while at the same time underpaying your fair share of real estate taxes because the city refused to do a reval in almost three decades-you've lucked out. If your taxes now double and you can't afford this from income, you do have a choice. Borrow against the equity in your house, or cash out and move.

There. We, who agree on almost nothing else, agree on this. As far as I can tell pure greed is the only reason why these people think fixed income seniors borrowing from their vast pile of equity is so unthinkable. They want what they want, with no responsibility whatsoever, and try and pretend equity wealth is nonexistent. Note Ralph's seeming congenital inability to understand.

One can have low equity and low taxes, or high equity and high taxes, you can't have high equity and low taxes (anymore), however much you huff and puff and say people who tell you otherwise are meanies.

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