Re: Jersey City mayor-elect orders end to citywide reval

Posted by Ralph_Abutts on 2017/2/22 10:13:09
Just to be perfectly clear (again)...Message #896 and #904 were written by you, Brewster, in response to my posts. The details are below.

You wrote them. They are your words. Much like your most recent ludicrous suggestion of taking out a reverse mortgage to pay ones property taxes.

Now, instead of lamenting us with your potty mouth diatribes, why not support your opinion with something substantive, like a formal study or inform us of your credentials that make you an authority on the subject.

Then, and only then, will you reconcile your beliefs of how things should be versus how things really are (positive and normative assertions) and how things can/may change MORE feasibly, like a staged reval.

There are some really knowledgeable posters here, like Dan Levin, T-Bird, etc., that unfortunately gets drowned out with a lot of !@#$ explicative-laden noise.


brewster wrote:

Ralph_Abutts wrote:
When Brewster writes that no-one downtown will be affected by the 2xs - 4xs increase of property taxes, overnight, it is not only ludicrous, but loses all credibility with making such an asinine and unsubstantiated comment, repeatedly.

Quote me where I said any such thing. You're just making shit up. Fake News.

When people own $1m homes, there's simply no reason taxes can't be paid.
Posted on: 2016/5/25 12:15


Here's another......

The foreclosure talk is scaremongering plain and simple. The only people who "might" be forced to sell are very recent purchasers of older properties who extended themselves to the max and have little equity to work with. But even if they've only been there 5 years they've seen enough appreciation to be able extract some for taxes, since vlaues have been rising at a rate many times the projected ~2% tax. Buyer of recently condoed or constructed property have little to worry about.
Posted on: 2016/5/25 16:22

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