Re: JC Woman Accuses Murphy Staffer of Rape

Posted by bodhipooh on 2018/12/8 15:13:08

dtjcview wrote:

bodhipooh wrote:
... but your suggestions are outlandish and your proposed solutions unworkable and will never see the light of day.


And you Bodipooh seem more interested in defending the rights of rapists with empty rhetoric, than engaging in a constructive debate. Think I'm done responding to you.

Sure, that is EXACTLY what I am doing. You claim to want to engage in a constructive debate, but your reaction says otherwise: the moment the logic fault in your stand is pointed out, you get up in a huff, stomp your feet and scream "I am going home and taking my marbles with me".

Nobody is defending the rights of rapists, but those who seek to weaken the legal protections of the accused in the name of fairness do so out of a myopic view. Our system may not be perfect, but it really seeks to strive for fairness and impartiality.

So, go ahead and walk way huffing and puffing but, if you truly want to engage in a constructive debate, you have to be willing to listen to all viewpoints and be willing to accept when you are wrong, or mistaken. You have done none of that.

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