Re: JC Woman Accuses Murphy Staffer of Rape

Posted by dtjcview on 2018/12/8 11:12:51

jerseymom wrote:
Here's a little food for thought. This is just to make one consider the issue of consent and how one obtains it and keeps it - is a contract/app/agreement really workable?

New app lets you request consent

An open letter from all LegalFling

The Problems with Sexual Consent Apps

...and I thought dating in the 80's sucked.

The tech will come - but not with over-engineered and intrusive solutions like Legalfling. (Yet another absurd use of Blockchain).

Siri, Alexa and Google could have standard sets of voice-enabled personal security apps/skills, backed with AI, that can record consent/non-consent, securely record and store events - that could be used as evidence in a prosecution, alert local police, etc. Those apps could be extended to general personal security apps to provide protection against any personal crime (or unreasonable charges for that matter).

Start small, then build on that. Getting people to record a text conversation would be a great improvement. "Fancy a shag?"."Yes/no".

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