Re: Police probe suspicious death in Jersey City park

Posted by jerseymom on 2018/4/15 16:47:25

user1111 wrote:
By Caitlin Mota
The Jersey Journal

JERSEY CITY -- Authorities are investigating the suspicious death of a man at a city park on Sunday morning.

The man was found in Pershing Field and brought to Jersey City Medical Center where he died sometime around 9 a.m., officials said.

Homicide detectives from the Hudson County Prosecutor's Office are expected to arrive at the scene to investigate the incident. No details have been released about what authorities believed caused his death. ... _in_jersey_city_park.html

From the JJ Comment section:


Suspicious! This poor man was knifed to death in front of the house he lived in for 40 years at 8 am on a Sunday in front of people going to church. Where the hell is Fulop? He is so quick to send letters threatening fines to people who dont paint their garage doors while a retired Jersey City teacher is cut down in the streets. This is disgusting.

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