Re: Suspect Sought for Shooting That Injured One in Jersey City (JSQ)

Posted by neverleft on 2018/2/9 9:23:33

JerseyCityNj wrote:

neverleft wrote:
"Police set up a crime scene at the Burger King Restaurant"

Didn't they rip that one down a while ago? Its an empty lot now.

RLS is only breaking news for the most part so I think when it comes to shootings it's a mix of overheard police scanner conversations and police giving them bits of info. So I can easily see RLS hearing "we found a crime scene over by the old Burger King parking lot" and assuming it is a place still in business.

Someone else has a map of Jersey City shootings so far this year and has been pretty good with adding them to the map before articles get released. When you click on the JSQ shooting icon and then click the address that pops up, his info states the victim was shot in the hand and walked into the Dunkin Donuts near that location. So it's possible the location is correct of the crime scene even if the Burger King isn't still around.

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