Re: Jersey City puts end to police officers working off-duty jobs

Posted by Stringer on 2018/2/14 17:17:53

Jersey City moves to ax off-duty jobs for cops

JERSEY CITY — Mayor Steve Fulop and Public Safety Director James Shea announced at City Hall today that the city is moving forward with a plan to dismantle a program that allowed cops to work off-duty gigs, angering officers who say Fulop is punishing the entire force for the actions of a handful of bad cops.

The move comes as the program is under intense federal scrutiny, with 11 people, including ex-Police Chief Phil Zacche, admitting their involvement in a scheme that allowed officers to accept payments for off-duty jobs they didn't work. Shea said today officers' misconduct related to off-duty jobs is "much more widely spread" than what is publicly known and he suggested that the entire force knew about the malfeasance. ... f-duty_jobs_for_cops.html

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