Re: JC Heights shooting on Sherman Ave and Ferry street

Posted by heightsrepman on 2018/1/9 13:31:56
wow my apologies, " that then escalated to eight more shot(S) on Manhattan Ave."

crazy how one letter changed the whole story. I don't work at a newspaper.Quote:

JerseyCityNj wrote:

heights wrote:
I'm having a hard time believing this story especially the eight shot on Manhattan Ave. and nothing in the newspaper. The OP is a newbie to this site so not sure of his credibility. I'll ask the captain at the Captain's Meeting next week on Wednesday.

I read what they wrote different. I took what they were saying as the shooting started on Sherman ave and later continued again on Manhattan ave where at least 8 more shots were let off and they heard at least 15 shell casings in total were picked up from both scenes.

If no one was hit it isn't uncommon at all for it not to make the news. Most shootings without a gunshot victim don't get covered.

If they really meant 8 people were shot I would have a hard time believing that also.

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