Re: Downtown Jersey City Thieves Stealing from Porches !!!!

Posted by AlexC on 2017/12/4 15:44:58
The packages I've "lost" over the years have been handled by either USPS or FedEx. I lost 1 package in 5 years from UPS. So far I've lost 2 this year, one each from USPS and FedEx.
A lot of those workers just leave the package without even ringing the doorbell.


jc_dweller wrote:
Don't assume that your package was "stolen" (in the traditional sense) if it's not there. Saturday FedEx marked a package of mine as delivered. I was home all day, basically watching and listening for the delivery and generally in sight line of my front window, and a FedEx truck never even came down my street. Maybe FedEx misdelivered, maybe FedEx is in on the scam.

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