Re: Griffith between Central and Palisades

Posted by Ap54321 on 2017/9/12 9:38:41

tghost wrote:
We've been living here on Webster Ave nearly 4 years after 16 years living downtown. For all its shortcomings, we love living up here and love the neighborhood. All the people who seem "sketchy" are essentially harmless. You might even find that if you're in a time and position of need, they'll offer their help. Yes, they tend to be loud, obnoxious and generally not as respectful of the neighborhood as you are and that's frustrating....we get it. But, we've really come to like it here so much. It's definitely home.

As others have suggested, it's just a matter of time before you find your comfort zone here.


Thats great to hear! I moved from Manhattan where it's definitely more loud and dangerous, but something about quiet streets just freak me out. However, I'm already starting to see that Jersey is just quieter in general and am starting to settle in :)

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