Griffith between Central and Palisades

Posted by Ap54321 on 2017/9/9 15:35:29

I just moved into a beautiful building on Griffith and Sherman ave and was looking for some info on my neighborhood. Everybody keeps telling me how safe all of the heights is and theres nothing to worry about, yet I'm still concerned. I feel like I'm in a little not-so-safe pocket. When I looked up this area on these forums it looks like theres been some shootings here within the last few years, however, everybody keeps saying how much JC has changed for the better.

I usually take the bus on palisades and griffith and I'm wondering if I should change my route to one which avoids walking down Griffith? Theres definitely some sketchy characters but I don't know if theyre actually a threat.

Any info would be great!

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