Re: Shooting on Newark Av

Posted by Yvonne on 2017/8/13 8:33:14

JCman24 wrote:

Yvonne wrote:
Neither were you the one stuck in traffic for over a hour with alternative roads block off. Our roads are not like NYC, they are basically narrow. The problem is- nicky, you are nothing but a snowflake and cannot handle the truth. No citizen should be stuck in traffic without alternative roads available.

It is astounding how selfish you are.

Also, read a book. Your grammar is terrible.

Look, terrible things happen, but if a road was blocked in NYC there would have been alternative roads. That is not the case in JC. So yes, I did bring up the city's plans to narrow the lanes for bikes because it will only bring more congestion to this city. Even the turnpike and parkway allow for movement of traffic when there is an incident. The truth as they say will bring freedom. Do not be afraid of the truth.

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