Re: Shooting on Newark Av

Posted by Yvonne on 2017/8/12 9:05:45

dr_nick_riviera wrote:

Yvonne wrote:

JCman24 wrote:
How can you be complaining about traffic at a time like this?

By the way JCman24, traffic came to a standstill for a hour. So yes, I can complain. There are no alternative roads with all of the construction of 139 if you close off Tonnelle to Kennedy. It really illustrates the point that reducing lanes in JC for bikes will be nothing but standstill traffic in the future.

Of course the fat slob Yvonne uses a shooting to push her anti-bike lane agenda. Just as despicable as the so-called tactics she claims the left uses (which she also does).

The son of Satan as usual makes remarks that I personally feel sorry for, after all he was raised by parents who did not care about his soul, wolves would have done a better job. By the way, do you attack the blind also? With your character or lack of it you probably attack laugh at burn victims. too as being ugly.

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