Re: Bicycle Theft Victims Unite

Posted by jcneighbor on 2017/5/17 16:13:47

tern wrote:
I don't think you can clip a high-end hardened steel D-lock like the Kryptonite in Brewster's picture with bolt-cutters, not with 3' ones, perhaps with 6' cutters you could (6' bolt-cutters will snip most chains too!)

On You-Tube there are videos of cropping low-end Kryptonite locks, and even then, watch the struggle they usually have.

I think Brewster's photo has been cut with an angle-grinder or hacksaw, look how smooth the cut is, when something is cropped it will have the depression indents where the jaws bit, and be more uneven.

If someone can find evidence of a hardened D-lock being cropped I'll stand corrected, but I have not seen or heard anything first hand.


And this guy isn't even big or strong-looking:

Regardless, a fancy bike is a target.
A cheap lock is a target.
Quick-release wheels or seats are targets.

Lock it or lose it. And even a spokesman for Kryptonite admitted that there are multiple brute-force methods that work relatively quickly. Read the article in the link above if you want the details-

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