Re: Bicycle Theft Victims Unite

Posted by bodhipooh on 2017/5/17 15:06:55

jcneighbor wrote:
A pair of 3' long bolt cutters slice through those U-Locks like a pair of scissors cutting a sheet of cardboard. We're talking mere seconds and bye-bye bike. Hex chains made of hardened steel put up a fight, but not impossible. I carry the chain, despite it weighing a ton-

THIS. The U-Locks are useless for a thief that knows what they are doing. Heck, some people are still using the old U-Locks that could be pried open with a pen cap. :o

But, the chains with hexagonal links are definitely much harder to clip, which is why thieves will not bother and instead move on to the easier target of improperly locked bikes. I just came back from a quick visit to Grove Street Bikes and walked past the various bike racks in the plaza, and so many of those bikes are locked with simple cable locks... I am surprised those haven't been swiped by now.

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