Re: Bicycle Theft Victims Unite

Posted by iGreg on 2017/5/17 12:02:09
Here is the skinny, you want a commuter bike to actually lock up?
Better get a real low end beater w/ shitty components that will garner no more than a $10 or $20 resale.

Anything nice will get stolen and CitiBike comes in handy at that point - even though CitiBikes suck ballz when needed and you find the stations are either empty or full.


mbrad52 wrote:
I had a kyrptonite chain lock and my bike still got stolen! The bike thieves are terrible and there is absolutely zero repercussion. You basically just have to take getting your bike stolen on the chin. I hate it- every time I lock up my bike I mentally prepare myself for it not being there when I get back.

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