Re: Bicycle Theft Victims Unite

Posted by bodhipooh on 2017/5/17 11:31:12
Not to pile on, but properly locking your bike will (almost) ensure that it is not stolen. It's a sucky lesson to learn the hard way, but hopefully you will now take steps to prevent any future reoccurrence.

When locking a bike for a period of time out on a street in NYC or JC, you should use one of those Kryptonite New York series chains (not a U-lock!) to secure the frame to a fixed object (a post, or solid bike rack) and ensure both wheels are also secured by the chain, or use a u-lock to the secure the wheels to the frame. Leaving the bike in a high traffic area does not afford you any extra security. If anything, it makes it more susceptible, as people are just passing through not paying much attention to anything. You can get a Kryptonite chain at Grove Street Bikes, or via Amazon.

Stealing bikes in plain sight in NYC:

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