Re: Heads Up - JCPD Driving Enforcement - Corner of 9th/Manila

Posted by sullyx on 2017/4/19 14:09:35

JonnyF86 wrote:
This is great news. There needs to be more of this. I thought I saw something similar a week or two ago on Marin/Columbus, where everyone makes the left turn onto Marin when only buses are supposed to.

I've never been almost hit as a pedestrian so many times in my life as the past year of living in JC.

Also agree that warnings are not necessary; people will pay attention to traffic laws when it hits them in the wallet. I would even support double fines (like in the 65 zone, etc) in the downtown area since it is so densely populated with many pedestrians.

the cops placed daily at the corner of Columbus/Marin are a sad joke, they never bother to enforce the "no left turn except buses". As a result, I no longer bike west on Columbus coming from Exchange Place because I've nearly been hit mult times right in front of said cops with little reaction besides a shrug from them.

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