Re: Jersey City man charged with trying to stab resident during burglary (Downtown)

Posted by bodhipooh on 2017/3/20 12:40:29

JerseyCityNj wrote:

JC_Man wrote:
Turn him over to ICE

If you search his court records online it says he was born in NJ. It also says he has five prior burglary charges and just started probation in January for one of those charges.

Yup, super weird retort. Was JC_Man confused by the Hispanic surname and somehow assumed this was an illegal immigrant?

In a country where the population of hispanics is fast approaching 20%, it is a bad assumption to make. Hispanics have already surpassed blacks as the largest minority group in the US, now estimated at a little over 17%. That translates to more than 1 out of each 6 people being of Hispanic heritage/ancestry.

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