Re: New CCTV cameras being installed in Jersey City

Posted by Stringer on 2018/1/11 0:49:43

Cop-arazzi! Jersey City adding surveillance cams to high-crime hot spots

The bad guys had better be ready for their "close-up."

Jersey City officials said that 40 new surveillance cameras -- which will produce images that are five times clearer than in the past -- will be installed in high-crime hot spots in 2018 as part of the city's CCTV program. The new cameras will be bring the total to 197 across the city, officials said.

Four high-definition fixed cameras will be placed at intersections of Dwight and Ocean avenues, Winfield and Ocean avenues, Bartholdi and Ocean avenues, Fulton and Ocean avenues, Lexington and Bergen avenues, Bayview and Garfield avenues, Monticello and Brinkerhoff avenues, Monticello and Belmont avenues, Monticello and Jewett avenues, and Monticello and Gardner avenues. ... surveillance_cams_to.html

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