Re: I-Team: FBI Investigates Alleged Corruption in Jersey City Police Department

Posted by caj11 on 2018/2/1 14:15:52

CatDog wrote:
While it's obvious that the overtime / off-duty program needs a rework...
Of the roughly 120 cops who joined the force since 2016, 27 made more than $45,000 last year counting overtime, city payroll records show. If their off-duty work is included, 29 topped $60,000.

$37k is an astoundingly low number for a police officer, and $45k with overtime is still really low. Maybe the pay scale needs a total rework so that officers start off with higher numbers and don't get crazy raises to the point of making $250k/year eventually.

It does seem awfully low, however they do get nice pensions and/or that "boat check" when they retire from cashing in their hundreds of unused sick days, a common practice among county and city employees. Never understood that one. Paid sick and vacation days at any job I worked were on a "use it or lose it" policy, although one place I left did pay you for unused vacation days when you quit, but there is no way they'd let it build up to require a very large payout.

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