Re: I-Team: FBI Investigates Alleged Corruption in Jersey City Police Department

Posted by Stringer on 2018/2/1 10:17:17

Fulop faces police ire over halting off-duty jobs

Jersey City Mayor Steve Fulop's pledge to end a program that allows cops to make extra cash working off-duty jobs is leading to howls of protest from the city's police force.

The program is under fire thanks to a federal investigation that has led to guilty pleas from 10 people, including a former police chief, Phil Zacche. More cops are expected to be ensnared in the probe.

"For too long the program has been abused with police officers more focused on off-duty work than on-duty work," Fulop said in an email to The Jersey Journal. "The widespread corruption was known by countless officers within the department and the degree of abuse is astonishing." ... s_police_ire_over_ha.html

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