Re: I-Team: FBI Investigates Alleged Corruption in Jersey City Police Department

Posted by JohnThieroff on 2016/12/23 10:13:14

Yvonne wrote:
The biggest complaint from the MUA officials were the payments made to off duty cops.

It still is, Yvonne. When I was on the board, I was amazed to see contracts where as much as 25% of the cost was for off-duty cops to stare into the hole. The most outrageous example I saw was one where work was being done at the end of a dead-end street and the cops insisted there needed to be a guy there. Councilman Fulop used to give lip service to this issue, but nothing is going to change until its drummed out of the police contract. As it stands now (unless its changed in the past year), the sole arbiters of whether there needs to be a cop at a site (and how many, whether its 24 hours a day, etc.) are the cops. They decide what is and isn't a public safety issue and then inform the construction company, MUA, et al how many people they will require.

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