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Posted by Stringer on 2017/4/18 13:58:34

See glitch as "Moneyball" replaces N.J. money bail | Editorial

It's too simple to dismiss some blowback against the New Jersey bail changes that took effect Jan. 1 as a "Willie Horton" moment.

Willie Horton is the Massachusetts convict that associates of Republican George H.W. Bush so effectively used to derail Democrat Michael Dukakis' 1988 presidential bid. During a weekend furlough under a program that Dukakis backed as governor, Horton -- a convicted murderer -- committed a rape and other crimes. Misleading, negative ads did the trick.

Willie Horton was a distinct exception. Some in New Jersey, though, are noticing a pattern where accused weapons offenders are being let loose, when, prior to reforms, they'd likely be sitting in jail. ... money_bail_editorial.html

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