Re: Complete Streets - Bike JC's Grand Street Vision

Posted by anonymess on 2016/12/1 17:04:12
What is your suggestion for riders who commute? Give it up?


RichMauro wrote:
This is just an observation, but it would appear that bicycle riders take their lives in their hands while being two wheeled in Jersey City street traffic.
I can understand a desire to ride a bike both for utility and recreation, but given the state of mind of a lot of drivers on our roads today, is it really wise to be amongst them? No amount of enforcement can bring you back to life or health from a serious injury at the hands of distracted drivers we're seeing on the roads today
. If it's the joy of bicycle riding that you're pursuing wouldn't Lincoln park or Liberty State Park be a better place to safely enjoy yourself? Given what appears to be the norm for development in Jersey City a lot more cars than bicycles will be in the offing in the near future. I would think that associations seeking more safety measures to be implemented for rider safety look for more amenities to be created where the road needn't be shared with motor vehicles. Drivers simply can't be trusted with bike riders' safety regardless of how many laws are engaged and created in the effort.

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