Re: Complete Streets - Bike JC's Grand Street Vision

Posted by Dolomiti on 2016/12/1 10:25:30

RichMauro wrote:
I revisited this thread out of curiosity just to see what was added.
Now I understand how posters get the "home away from home" designation.
Sheesh -- everyone's going in circles.

Where's the "get on your bikes and ride" person??

I'm still here

Again, find a safer place to ride for enjoyment of your bike.

As I asked in a previous post: How are we supposed to get there? Helicopter?

Realize that the driving public is getting more and more dangerous to all of the populace.

Actually, that is incorrect.

The number of motor vehicle deaths in the US has been falling since around 1970, mostly thanks to crackdowns on DUI/DWI.

On the local level, as OneSkirt points out, we don't have the data. We don't really know if traffic safety is getting better or worse in JC.

What we do know from other research is that getting more bikes on the road leads to safer outcomes; and that small nudges can calm traffic, which also helps improve safety.

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