Re: Complete Streets - Bike JC's Grand Street Vision

Posted by T-Bird on 2016/12/1 9:12:02
Why not read the article Dan linked to? It might dispel some of your baseless notions. In that article, you would find that in the rest of the world the driving public is not "getting more and more dangerous to all of the populace." So what is being done in other countries to make that the case?

And I'll happily live with whatever might come from increased traffic enforcement. If you are following the rules (or, around here, in the same zip code as the rules) you have nothing to fear.


RichMauro wrote:
I revisited this thread out of curiosity just to see what was added.
Now I understand how posters get the "home away from home" designation.
Sheesh -- everyone's going in circles.

Where's the "get on your bikes and ride" person??--seems like they'd be a natural for this topic.

Again, find a safer place to ride for enjoyment of your bike. Realize that the driving public is getting more and more dangerous to all of the populace. Those of you shouting for ticketing, enforcement etc., be careful--you may get what you wish for on both sides of the coin. Municipalities love nothing more than revenue streams from laws that once on the books are hard to eradicate.

Remember the traffic cameras??

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