Re: Fights, Drugs, Weapons @ JC Blue Apron Facility

Posted by bodhipooh on 2017/8/7 8:11:39

dtjcview wrote:
Blue Apron have serious logistics issues. Missing ingredients every week. Last week they sent 2 entirely wrong recipes. I gave them every chance to fix and deliver. Best they could do was a Blue Apron credit.

Told them - you don't walk into McDonalds. Ask for Big Mac,Fries and Coke. Given a chicken-burger, Fries and Sprite. Then be happy with a refund and told to come back next week...

That's how these dumbf@@ks run their business...

Tried Blue Apron for a while and had the same experience: lots of issues with things missing, or wrong recipes/ingredients sent out. Also, sometimes (often?) the packaging was done as if to purposefully damage the content (heavier items tossed on top of fragile ones) and after a few too many of these issues, cancelled and switched to Plated. They are not perfect, but the issues have been few and, every time there's been a problem or complaint, they have issued a full refund on the spot, not a credit. The Plated meals have also been MUCH better quality than Blue Apron.

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