Posted by brewster on 2018/2/9 23:29:15
As Bohdipooh said, we all know dozens of spots where a cop could write a new one as soon as he finished the last. But they don't. I think part of the problem is even when they do, it takes so damn long for a cop to write a ticket.

I think this could easily be solved with off the shelf technology. You could have a cop sit in car at any stop sign and video 100 cars running it in an hour, then turn the file over to an outside contractor for processing just like the cams. No points, just a big enough fine to matter. Done. Just one cop doing that in 8 different spots per shift, every day, and people will stop running stop signs.

Why productivity at the Parking Authority is so low is a mystery. They have computers to write the tickets fast, as anyone snagged by the trike leading the sweeper knows. I've watched from a restaurant as one ticketed a single car at an intersection parked too close to the curb, and ignored the other 6 that were too close also. Afraid of being too productive and raising expectations?

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