Posted by bodhipooh on 2018/2/9 18:07:21

K-Lo2 wrote:
I agree that giving tickets is a good idea, but unless a cop sees it, he won't do anything about it. You can't just give a cop a license plate.

I'm not arguing against enforcement. I'm trying understands the practicalities, as most people are on their best driving behavior when they see a police car.

A lot about pedestrian and bike safety is about preventing or lowering risks, like enforcing regulations (and ticketing for violations) related to: parking too close to the curb, double parking on bike lanes, parking too close to STOP signs, parking blocking crosswalks. I see cops drive past cars that are clearly in violation of all these things and not bother with ticketing any of them.

As for enforcement of moving violations, you could easily focus on very specific areas that are known for routine violations. If you were to park a cop by some of these areas, he would be printing money in the form of tickets. Prime spots: STOP signs on 1st St (corner of Provost, corner of Grove) or the STOP sign on Grove and 2nd. Or, instead of the twice-a-year enforcement of the NO LEFT TURN on Columbus and Marin, they should be enforcing that regularly.

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