Re: Liberty Energy - scammer going door to door?

Posted by dmark526 on 2017/12/5 19:33:07
I will agree that the residential door knockers are shady but buying deregulated energy in and of itself it not a scam. Anyone looking into switching would definitely want to do their homework. One thing that you would never want is a variable rate contract. The other problem is that PSE&G's rates are the cheapest in the state, so their isn't much incentive to switch in this market to save a few bucks a month.

Those companies would be much better off marketing to JCP&L customers. Their rates are much higher than ours and sometimes change block by block in terms of cost per kilowatt hour. Nobody should be door knocking in this day and age.


caj11 wrote:

jerseyjoe wrote:
Has anybody ever had someone knock on their apartment door, identifying themselves as working for LIBERTY ENERGY?

He had a brochure and ID, saying that they are a clean energy source and are taking a survey to see if I would like to switch.

I live in an apartment building, so someone had to buzz this guy in. He was an Asian gentlemen, probably in his late 40s or so.

I'm assuming it's a scam, right? The company does exist, I googled it.

It's a 3rd party energy re-seller, and yes it's a total scam. Your electric and gas might be cheaper for a month or two after signing up, then your bill will skyrocket but you're locked into a long-term contract. There's a million of these re-sellers out there, most of them are pretty shady and if Liberty Energy or any other re-seller comes to your door again, I suggest you politely slam it in their faces, and call the police if necessary.

This is the grown up version of the kids who sold magazines door-to-door, often at double the normal subscription price, under the guise of fundraising and often hopped up on drugs. It made no sense and I slammed my door in these peoples' face too.

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