Re: Liberty Energy - scammer going door to door?

Posted by caj11 on 2017/4/22 21:12:18

jerseyjoe wrote:
Has anybody ever had someone knock on their apartment door, identifying themselves as working for LIBERTY ENERGY?

He had a brochure and ID, saying that they are a clean energy source and are taking a survey to see if I would like to switch.

I live in an apartment building, so someone had to buzz this guy in. He was an Asian gentlemen, probably in his late 40s or so.

I'm assuming it's a scam, right? The company does exist, I googled it.

It's a 3rd party energy re-seller, and yes it's a total scam. Your electric and gas might be cheaper for a month or two after signing up, then your bill will skyrocket but you're locked into a long-term contract. There's a million of these re-sellers out there, most of them are pretty shady and if Liberty Energy or any other re-seller comes to your door again, I suggest you politely slam it in their faces, and call the police if necessary.

This is the grown up version of the kids who sold magazines door-to-door, often at double the normal subscription price, under the guise of fundraising and often hopped up on drugs. It made no sense and I slammed my door in these peoples' face too.

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