Re: Beware - Direct Energy Marketers - latest scam

Posted by caj11 on 2015/11/16 14:37:52

Sam112 wrote:
If anyone is thinking of switching, please see the following links: ... panies/direct-energy.html

Also, I did send an email to Bob Menendez regarding legislative action that could be taken against such deceptive practices. Feel free to do the same (power in numbers). But, would also warn any neighbors who may be prone to become confused or intimated by these marketers.

Since utility companies are mostly regulated at the state level, it might be worth contacting the state Board of Public Utilities (BPU), and your state assemblyperson as well. Here's the state's BPU website:

I just don't get it... not only is there no savings to be offered from a reseller (it usually ends up costing you more), the sales techniques they employ are a joke. It seems like the only people who could fall for this nonsense are the elderly and infirm. I hope the state shuts this whole practice down so people who don't know any better aren't defrauded.

This thread, while useful, would be so more entertaining to read if we had one of these types of posts:

1. More anecdotes of peoples' experiences with these moronic door-to-door salespeople,
2. Somebody who wants to defend these moronic door-to-door salespeople, like there was a couple years ago, referring to it as a "legitimate business"
3. Somebody who actually switched to one of these resellers and the frustration they went through getting changed back
4. Somebody who got "slammed" (changed without permission) and the frustration they went through getting changed back

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